The Black Bay Area Calendar combines the events of all the Black organizations in the Bay Area, San Francisco, Oakland, and East Bay. Our goal is to make finding Black events easier in Northern Cali. Whether you’re from California, moving here, or just here for a few days, get in the know and subscribe!

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Black Silicon Valley Has Your Back!

The Black Bay Area Calendar is a collaborative project between the Silicon Valley Alphas and Blacklist. The purpose of the initiative is to provide an integrated collection of all Black-relevant events across Northern California to enable our community to better network, collaborate, and orient our inspiring professionals and entrepreneurs. You are not alone in Silicon Valley – we got you!

Network Easier

Don’t worry about needing to find which events to attend, or which groups of people to find. The Black Bay Area calendar hosts events in every area of Black Life, from activism to entrepreneurship.

Publish Events

Have an organization that you want to market to the broader Black Bay community? Send us your calendar! We love adding events to the calendar and all events are automatically sent to our entire mailing list.

Hustle Harder

The great thing of having the Black Bay’s events laid out and ready to take advantage is that it fuels your opportunity to HUSTLE HARDER.

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Always Know What the Move Is

How We Work

The Black Bay Calendar is a Decentralized effort under the management of multiple Black Leaders in the Bay Area. There is only one rule – keep opportunities centralized in one place! Here’s the process of adding calendars using the Calendar

Sign up

Subscribe to the event’s newsletter and we’ll add you straight to the calendar and slack channel

Add events

Hit us up to add your events and send your calendar to

Invite others

Don’t keep this a secret! We want everyone to benefit from all the great events going on – so share this site around!

Keep Updated

Stay in the know, read the weekly newsletter, and get out there to the events that speak most to you!


We Are Here For You

If you want to get your event out beyond just adding it to the Black Bay Calendar, we’re here to help. Check out the following services we help organizations with when maximizing their outreach within our community

Specialized Mailers

Want a specialized email to our audience?

Sometimes people forget events are going on, so customized email campaigns can go a long way when engaging with your audience. Of course, we’re no sell-out organization, so there are some ground rules:

– Event must be relevant to Black Community’s benefit

  • We do not guarantee attendance!
  • All campaigns send 2x/week prior to event
  • Email eslaphia@gmail for price inquiry
Social Media Automation

Sometimes, mailer campaigns are just not enough.

Our team are pros at social media automation and growth. If your organization needs to re-position themselves online, or even start from ground zero to grow event attendance and brand awareness, we got you!

  • Instagram Automation
  • Twitter Automation
  • Tumblr Automation
  • Social Media Integration
Featured on Site

Really, Really want to get your message out?

We also do features on our website (yes this one). Just hit us up and we’ll judge if it’s appropriate to feature. Here’s the specifics

  • Reach out to
  • Give us a high res event image (not a flyer – just an image)
  • Give us event details
  • Inquire about how long for feature
  • We’ll get back to you on costs

How to Add Events

Adding Events to the Black Calendar

We all want event visibility. So here’s how we can work together to get your organization’s events on the Black Bay Area Calendar in the easiest manner.

Get Your Calendar Link

How to find your calendar link

Get Your Event Details

If you only have a few events and not a whole calendar

Find your event details and make sure you have the following:

  1. An image representing the event
  2. An address (of course!)
  3. Event submitter contact information and event’s host website
Submit Your Event

You can submit your event right on our platform!

Go to the “Calendar” page and submit your calendar or event(s) right on our platform. Once we approve of your event submission, it will be on the #BlackCalendar for everyone to see!